Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harriet Harman - Ignorant or Dishonest

Fnar fnar

Former Minister for women, and a woman’s right to crash her car while talking on a mobile, Harriet Harman has always epitomised, for me anyway, everything that is wrong with modern politicians. Out of touch with the nation, dishonest, arrogant, bigoted, totalitarian, self obsessed, money grubbing, completely useless and thoroughly corrupt.

From this article we discover that the lovely Harriet just didn't see any potential problems in allowing new style high stakes slot machines all over the country

From the article :- She said: “If we had known then what we know now we wouldn’t have allowed this, because it’s not just ruining the high street it’s ruining people’s lives.”

Well dear the only people who don't seem to have seen this coming were the scum in Westminster, the bookies who stood to make billions from it and idiots who are addicted to gambling.

If the truth is that you really didn't see what was patently obvious to almost everyone you are unfit to hold any post in government so best you stand down now.

The thing is Harriet isn't actually that ignorant, she and the rest of the 600 and odd elected scrotes knew damn well what would happen and just didn't give a stuff, back handers, party donations and future tax revenue were enough to dowse any tiny spark of decency that may have stayed their hand.

So in this case it isn't Hatties ignorance that is on display here it is her arrogance and complete dishonesty again. Of course dishonesty and fiddling is a family business for Miss Harbottle and the sad excuse of a man she calls her husband. The only surprise here is that Little Miss Misandry hasn't found a way to blame us blokes for this oh so foreseeable problem.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Water Absolute Shower

Dear Anglia Water

I have heard rumours that there might be a ban on the use of hosepipes in my area but in the absense of any formal notification from you or anyone else I am going to assume it does not apply to my property. I hasten to add that the rumours I heard were on the internet and you can't believe anything you read on there can you?

However if you believe my property is affected by the ban I would be grateful if you would let me know on what grounds you believe I should curtail my water usage. Please note, your percieved necessity to hand out large parts of your profits in the form of bonuses and shareholder dividends, rather than investing it in the water infrastructure will not be seen as a valid reason. Likewis, lack of rain is not a valid reason as this would merely points to your own lack of investment in storage capacity and failure to deal with your leakage problems.

Also, should you believe that the hosepipe ban affects my property I would be happy to enter negotiations with you on the size of the discount that I can expect on my water bills to reflect the reduction in the service you are providing. Your company is run for profit just like my local shop. If I go there to buy a large loaf and all they have are small ones I don't get as much bread but I don't have to pay as much. I expect nothing less from a large corporations such as yourselves. Do you see how that works? If you are not going to give me less water I damn well expect to pay less.

I strongly suspect you will not reply in a proper fashion to this letter, if you reply at all. So I give you fair notice that until I am formally notified that the ban applies to my property and am provided with valid reasons (not indicators of your own ineptitude) I will not curtail my water usage. Until we can agree an appropriate reduction in my bills for the duration of the ban I will not curtail my water usage. Until you stop paying out bonuses and shareholder dividends (especially to foreign investors) and bring your infrastructure up to a decent standard I will not curtail my water usage.

Anglia Water Group, "Love Every Drop". I think u mean "Profitise Every Drop" the old state old Water Board did it better, cheaper and without the fatuous motto.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fruit Loop

I know this fine example of the political "elite" is a yanky doodle, fruit loop but are ours really any better. Bloody hilarious.

H/T Anonymong

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not Mice

Easy mistake to make, these aren't mice. They are obviously Tesco Value Rats.

Same here, and here and here and here probably.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jason Russell - Merchant Banker

Didn't you just know that the people behind the Kony 2012 were a bunch of tossers. Well is sure looks like Jason Russell is a complete wanker.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomb Raider and the Child Soldiers

She definately belongs in a tomb

I see Lara Croft has been getting a lot of stick in the blogs and other enlightened parts of the net for her support of the Kony 2012 nonsense. Well this blog for one thinks she has a point, or two.

While I have to admit that Kony is probably much less of a threat to the folk of Uganda than the villain currently running that country and certainly less dangerous to those people than a UN backed invasion by the psychobilly septics. She is absolutely right that children should not be used as soldiers. They should be in sweatshops making Tomb Raider merchandise and other tacky crap that helps Lara and her ilk maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Lara is famous for having big tits (well i did say she had a couple of good points) and being attractive. Personally I never found her attractive. Jesus those lips, snog that and chances are you'd loose half your face. I can think of one good use for them but I doubt Lara is the sort of girl to swallow it, unless you paid her enough. I will never understand why having big tits and being attractive qualifies someone to pontificate on world events. So shut your gob and get back in your tomb woman.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Your Shires Are Belong To US

Over in Washington the Cameroid and the Bamalama have been patting each other on the back and bigging up the "special" relationship between the UK and the good ol' US of A. Meanwhile we see another fine example of what that special relationship means to us in the UK.

As Mr. O'Dwyer points out Copyright Infringement isn't a criminal offence in the UK, it's a civil matter here. Funny how this relationship works, I don't remember our good friends in the US being very helpful when we were trying to extradite IRA terrorists from the US a few years ago. Sometimes it took years sometimes they refused completely.

Still I'm sure the nice, warm, loving people that run the Hollywood studios will be able to sleep a little easier when this evil criminal mastermind is behind bars. After all what is one boys life compared to a little more profit. These Hollywood people are such nice folks and not at all the rapacious thugs that go around bullying people as some folks claim.

While we are over in the USA it's interesting to note that the BBC can find room on it's news page for this story of evil miss-doings (maybe) against a gay person. (I know there is a lord of the rings pun in there somewhere). Strangely they can't find room for this which some would say is a more important story.

Unfortunately for we British it's not only the septics who can have us arrested and extradited anytime they like. Our oh so dear friends in that Europe can do it too. I have to say this looks even scarier than what the yanks are up to. Anna has now added this VERY interesting update here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Words of Mass Deception

Here we go again. WMDs ready to launch in 45 minutes anyone?

Not giving us a cast iron guarantee on this one Dave?

Just sod off you overprivileged toffee nosed twat, aren't there any more retired police nags that need a good ride out?

You are a proven liar and about as trustworthy as Blair and Brown. Isn't 400 British soldiers dead in Afghanistan enough for you? Your WMDs (words of mass deception) are far more dangerous to Britain than Iran's.

You keep banging on about how skint we are, how can we afford another war? The problem is we don't control our armed forces anymore, Van Rumpeypumpy has more control of our army than you do Dave. Just do one you unspeakable little Quisling

War on terror my arse.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canadian Government is Scared of Freemen

We in the UK know what a completely corrupt, dishonest and thoroughly rotten part of the MSM the BBC has become. ABC in Australia seems to be pretty much in the same state.

We learn from our Canadian cousins that CBC is also happy to spread lies and indulge in sensationalist scaremongering against anything that upsets their political masters. There are just too many lies and inaccuracies in this piece of crap for me to be bothered to go through them. Watch it if you want a laugh after all it is closer to comedy than it is to the truth.

I guess the Canadian government must be getting really scared of Freemen if they have to have their media minions put out such rubbish. Keep up the good work folks it seems to be working.

The vid has been pulled from YouTube under a copyright request from CBC. Yeah, if I'd made such an apalling piece of shit I'd want to hide it from the world too.

H/T The Escapee and Usuryfree

Friday, March 2, 2012

Schapelle Corby

You Need to Watch this :-


Interesting the way they talk about how the Australian MSM manipulate the public perception by using terms such as "convicted drug smuggler" especially when you then look at the BBC News reports on this woman. I see that in 2006 they refereed to her as "Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby". They then seem to have lost interest in her till 2012 when they had promoted her to "convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby.

A search for Hollie Greig on the BBC web site produces no results.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Yours Agent Smith

Over at Captain Ranty's there is a post resulting from emails which passed between the Captain and Harbinger. It's a long post but very well worth reading and spreading about. I see Underdog is also drawing attention to this with an excellent post.

It's not easy being awake, both above linked posts make that very clear far more eloquently than I ever could. I often wish I was still asleep, life was so much easier then. Nevertheless, like The Captain, Harbinger, Underdog and so many others I cannot turn back. Not for me the secretive meeting with Agent Smith in the hope of returning to the comfort of not knowing. To be honest it's not a real choice, short of alzheimers once this stuff dawns on you you're kinda stuck with it.

If we sit and do nothing what will we say to our grandchildren when they ask what we were doing while their futures were being sold into slavery?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Donald the Fig Tree

I see that fearless champion of the British Taxpayer John Bercow has come out fighting on our behalf. Mr. Bercow is a politician and a particularly nasty, slimy one at that so we at DRex decided not to take his words at face value and looked deeper. In our never ending struggle to bring you the truth we decided to get the real skinny from one of the fig trees in question. After much persuasion we prevailed on Donald the Fig Tree (DtFT) to give us a brief interview :-

DRex - So Donald Mr Bercow thinks you are a waste of money

DtFT - I kinda resent that, £30,000 for 12 trees works out at only £2,500 each per year. Believe me you stand around here for very long, like us, and you will see so much waste 30 grand is less than a drop in the ocean.

DRex - But £2,500 is a lot of money it's even more than David Cameroon claims on expenses each week for having his face polished.

DtFT - Listen mate those blinds over there, electric they are £2 million they cost. They spent £110,000 on flowers in the last 3 years. You lot subsidise the bars and food for the troughers you call the political elite to the tune of £5.8 million a year. This building was supposed to cost £165 Million but ended up costing £235 million and you are moaning about a few thousand for trees.

DRex - Rubbish if it has been that expensive there would have been an outcry, an enquiry.

DtFT - Course there was and the report was finished in 2000, they just never published it.

DRex - I think you are making this up Donald I have read the BBC News report on what that nice Mr. Bercow is saying and it mentions nothing of this.

DtFT - No Shit Sherlock, you ever hear of a politician being honest?. We are being made scapegoats. Besides rumour has it the MPs wanted rid of us anyway to make room for their new gold plate sedan chairs, can't have them and their hangers on walking about the place like normal people can we?

DRex - Anyway Don me old mate looks like you are gonna be out of here soon. Will you miss the place.

DtFT - Don't be stupid we can't wait to get out of here.There used to be 30 of us. You see that empty space over there? My mate Mike used to be there then one day that Harman thing got too close to him and all his leaves fell off and his trunk drooped. There was no saving him, he's just wood chips on someones herbaceous border now. Similar happened to Georgina, she used to stand over there till one day Ken Clarke brushed against her, she died within hours, the rest went in similar fashion and now there are just 12 of us.

DRex - So it's pretty toxic in here for you trees.

DtFT - Hell yes but there is one good thing about this place, the bullshit. This place is so full of it we never went hungry.

There are Lies, Damned Lies and BBC News

So what's going on in Rochdale? Youths on the streets fighting with plod, a takeaway business targeted, "white friends" coming to the aid of Mr. Zeeshan Khokhar, two people arrested by the police, youths shouting "EDL" after being dispersed by police. I guess it was just another bunch of mindless racists abusing a poor, hardworking asian shopkeeper. Nothing to see here move along please....

Hang on a second what's this "Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said police were aware of "tensions in the borough"

Hmm wonder what might have caused this tension, I suppose it's all the gangs of white racists roaming the area. Or maybe, just maybe it could be this.

Well of course it is and plod tried to hush all this up asked the press not to report on the trial in the name of social cohesion. The BBC and the rest of the MSM duly obliged. How the hell does hiding the sins of one sector of the community help social cohesion? The people in Rochdale know what is going on, they live there. Suppressing the reporting of this was only ever going to cause problems. With the internet you can't hide stuff like this anymore, well not for long.

If the allegations against these men are true then what they have been up to is absolutely vile and should be fully exposed. By colluding in keeping this quiet and refusing to give it the prominence it deserves the MSM is saying to the victims, their families and the white community that what has been done to these children is unimportant, they don't matter. Maybe this was an attempt to get some reporting of the matter. MSM only started mentioning it when it hit the blogs and the net, not a dickie bird before that.

This is by no means the only case of this type that plod and MSM have tried to cover up there's this and this and this and many more and it's not like nobody knew or anything.

I often wonder if the MSM strategy of under-reportuing or ignoring completely "bad news" stories involving minorities is a deliberate attempt to foster resentment when the story eventually leeks out. When you have a society with elements at each others throats it's easier for governments to increase police powers and take away our freedoms.

Anyway one thing is for sure this is not a news story, it hides more than it tells and it is deliberately skewed to conveniently hint that one of the BBCs pet hates, the EDL, was behind it all.

While I am having to take BBC news to task yet again have a look at this story, another paedo, a councillor of no political party it would seem. But as we all know if a BBC story about a politician does not mention a political party then they are sure to be Labour. Sure enough Councillor Mark Burton was a Labour Councillor.

Did you spot the nasty little barb in the story?
Specialist officers also found file-wiping software which digitally shredded documents he had held on his computer.
Don't like the suggestion that having proper file deletion software on your computer is an indication that you are a paedo. How long till plod is fitting up people as paedos just for having file shredding software on their machine?

BBC news is now completely and utterly untrustworthy. You want the truth about what is going on in the world you'd be better off asking your neighbours cat.

BBC News has still not covered this at all.

Update ----
I see the always readable Ambush Predator has also written about this here. Interesting that her peice which went up at 8:20 this morning refers to a part of the BBC report which is no longer there -

The disturbances coincide with the trial of 11 men from Rochdale accused of having sex with girls under the age of 16. They all deny the charges."

The most relevant bit of the report deleted, what more is there to say?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brits to Blame for Argentine Train Crash (probably)

Looks like a nasty train crash in Argentina.

I expect we'll have Sean Penis along any minute blaming the British for it all. Odds on he'll claim it was a militant pack of Brownies acting on orders from MI6 or remote control suicide penguines flown in from the Falklands.

Barry Murders the Blues

Having failed dismally to impress the judges at his audition for the New Black and White Minstrel Show Barry Obamalamadingdong complains he was unfairly dissadvantaged by the last minute change of song. Apparently he was expecting to be asked to sing "Sweet Home Nairobi", a tune he grew up with, but the programmes producers made an unannounced last minute switch to "Sweet Home Chicago" a song he only recently became aware of.

Dolby Wibble Nullification

Did you ever wonder why you were encouraged and then forced to switch to Digital TV? Did you wonder why you had to fork out for new aerial/telly/digibox? Are you still waiting for the your life to improve beyond all measure now that you have your digital nirvana set up in your sitting room?

Well if you did/are you are a real muppet. For all you muppets out there here's the reason.

So having gone and bought all that lovely new kit at your own expense you're now going to get to pay some more to get a clear picture on your new telly through your mobile phone bill. Because let's face it the cost of all these filters and other necessary remedial action isn't going to come off the successful bidders bottom line is it?

We don't have a working TV anymore. I'm stupid enough already and TV only makes you stupider so it had to go.

The bloke next door to me has the lot, HD, surround sound, digital sub tweeters, mega amplified 3D surround bloody smellovision with nicam digital over-thrust and dolby wibble nullification. In his attempts to get a decent picture on his state of the art home entertainment system he has so far; chopped down half the trees in his garden, got cross with me for not chopping down half my trees, had his aerial replaced 3 times paid a youngster in the village to stand on his roof to wiggle the areal about at random, he even had the vicar perform an exorcism on his digibox. Sadly for him every time it rains of the wind blows or it is foggy or sunny or it's dark or not dark enough his picture quality declines to something akin to watching an original Logie-baird prototype viewed the wrong way through binoculars with the lenses smeared in vaseline. All that just so he can watch repeats of Lovejoy, and he thinks I'm stupid for not having a telly these days. He seems somewhat bemused that I now refer to him as Kermit?

Looks like I'm not the only one with a few gripes about TVs these days. Beyond stupid.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Campbell's New WMDs

Is it any wonder that the reputation of the BBC is in the toilet?

The man with the Dodgy Dossier now gets to do a Dodgy Documentary about the evils of booze. Come on BBC if you're want to give credence to the bansturbation/nanny state issue de jour you should have given the job to someone with at least a shred of believeability.

I wonder if this Dodgy Documentary will bang on about the threat posed to the nation by a new type of WMD, Wines of Mass Destruction. WMDs that don't really exist, you know a lot about those don't you Ally?

I know the BBC no longer has any respect for it's audience but putting this man on the nations screens, other than to televise his execution, is just taking the piss. Who's you next guest presenter, Abu Hamza on the evils of sugar perhaps?

Meanwhile the national broadcaster is ignoring stuff like this and this.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Madonna in Name Change Shocker

+++++++ Breaking Celeb News +++++++

Hollywood Superstar and ex-Mr. Madonna, Sean Penn has anounced that he is changing his name to Sean Penis. Hollywood insiders have speculated that this is so people will know what a dick he is even before he opens his gob and spouts crap in future.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Any Bloody Excuse

So those dedicated professionals who call themselves teachers and the rest of society refers to as workshy tossers are once again showing their true nature. Any excuse for a paid day off. I live near this place, the snow really isn't that bad and the temperature has been above freezing all day.

A fine example you are setting your pupils, you must be very proud of yourselves. And you wonder why your profession is held in such contempt these days.

Even God Hates Huhne

Interesting that it snows 2 days after the Huhne resigns. I think Dellers missed someone in his list of Huhne haters.

If I were of a religious persuasion I would take the recent snow as a comment from the good Lord on the Huhne and the con-trick that is the warmist movement. Funnily enough I had a warmist movement this morning, curry last night you see, but it was easily flushed away.

Meanwhile there is uproar in the prison system. It seems that prison governors the length and breadth of the land have contacted the Home Secretary to demand that, if found guilty, Huhne is not sent to their prison.

Thanks to my friends at Anonymous I can bring you a transcript of part of the phone conversation between the Governor of Wormwood Slags Prison (a proud member of the Butlins Group of companies) in that London and the Home Secretary :-

GoWS - Well you just can't send him here minister.
HS - If he is convicted we'll have to send him somewhere.
GoWS - Look minister my prison is full of run of the mill muggers, buggers, rapists, murderers, thieves, terrorists, paedophiles, arsonists and other dregs of society if they are exposed to something as malevolent as the Huhne they won't stand a chance.
HS - Look it will only be for a few weeks, it's not like a government minister perverting the course of justice is a serious matter. It's not as if he were caught sending texts to a few lay-abouts encouraging them to go riot or anything.
GoWS - Couldn't we persuade the cousins to bung him Guantanamo?
HS - Hardly, Obamalamadingdong promised to close Gitmo before he was elected, remember so he's not in a position to help us out. Anyway chances are the Essex plod will loose half the evidence before the trial anyway so you are probably worrying about nothing.
GoWS - Couldn't you just fine him? He's very rich, has six houses, millions of pounds and umpteen business interests. Taking a chunk of that away from him would be a far more appropriate punishment than a few weeks in here. Besides all the cells with balconies and scenic views are full at the moment.
HS - Don't be silly, we can't set a precedent for properly punishing people like us when we get caught. Politicians and our familiars properly accountable under the law, are you mad? A few months out of the public eye then back into a cushy government job and a few directorships here and there. You should know the form by now.
GoWS - Well just so you know, if you send him here chances are I'll have to put him in solitary with the nonces.
HS - I'm sure he'll feel right at home, he is a Lib-Dem you know?
GoWS - Yes Home Secretary.

So there you have it. Anyway thanks again to my friends at Anonymous, shame they wouldn't let me have the tape of the call from the Governor of Holoway in which she apparently goes into the details of how Big Harriet, the prison's queen dyke has issued an open challenge to the Huhne to see how far he can straighten her.