Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomb Raider and the Child Soldiers

She definately belongs in a tomb

I see Lara Croft has been getting a lot of stick in the blogs and other enlightened parts of the net for her support of the Kony 2012 nonsense. Well this blog for one thinks she has a point, or two.

While I have to admit that Kony is probably much less of a threat to the folk of Uganda than the villain currently running that country and certainly less dangerous to those people than a UN backed invasion by the psychobilly septics. She is absolutely right that children should not be used as soldiers. They should be in sweatshops making Tomb Raider merchandise and other tacky crap that helps Lara and her ilk maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Lara is famous for having big tits (well i did say she had a couple of good points) and being attractive. Personally I never found her attractive. Jesus those lips, snog that and chances are you'd loose half your face. I can think of one good use for them but I doubt Lara is the sort of girl to swallow it, unless you paid her enough. I will never understand why having big tits and being attractive qualifies someone to pontificate on world events. So shut your gob and get back in your tomb woman.

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