Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harriet Harman - Ignorant or Dishonest

Fnar fnar

Former Minister for women, and a woman’s right to crash her car while talking on a mobile, Harriet Harman has always epitomised, for me anyway, everything that is wrong with modern politicians. Out of touch with the nation, dishonest, arrogant, bigoted, totalitarian, self obsessed, money grubbing, completely useless and thoroughly corrupt.

From this article we discover that the lovely Harriet just didn't see any potential problems in allowing new style high stakes slot machines all over the country

From the article :- She said: “If we had known then what we know now we wouldn’t have allowed this, because it’s not just ruining the high street it’s ruining people’s lives.”

Well dear the only people who don't seem to have seen this coming were the scum in Westminster, the bookies who stood to make billions from it and idiots who are addicted to gambling.

If the truth is that you really didn't see what was patently obvious to almost everyone you are unfit to hold any post in government so best you stand down now.

The thing is Harriet isn't actually that ignorant, she and the rest of the 600 and odd elected scrotes knew damn well what would happen and just didn't give a stuff, back handers, party donations and future tax revenue were enough to dowse any tiny spark of decency that may have stayed their hand.

So in this case it isn't Hatties ignorance that is on display here it is her arrogance and complete dishonesty again. Of course dishonesty and fiddling is a family business for Miss Harbottle and the sad excuse of a man she calls her husband. The only surprise here is that Little Miss Misandry hasn't found a way to blame us blokes for this oh so foreseeable problem.