Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canadian Government is Scared of Freemen

We in the UK know what a completely corrupt, dishonest and thoroughly rotten part of the MSM the BBC has become. ABC in Australia seems to be pretty much in the same state.

We learn from our Canadian cousins that CBC is also happy to spread lies and indulge in sensationalist scaremongering against anything that upsets their political masters. There are just too many lies and inaccuracies in this piece of crap for me to be bothered to go through them. Watch it if you want a laugh after all it is closer to comedy than it is to the truth.

I guess the Canadian government must be getting really scared of Freemen if they have to have their media minions put out such rubbish. Keep up the good work folks it seems to be working.

The vid has been pulled from YouTube under a copyright request from CBC. Yeah, if I'd made such an apalling piece of shit I'd want to hide it from the world too.

H/T The Escapee and Usuryfree

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