Monday, February 20, 2012

Campbell's New WMDs

Is it any wonder that the reputation of the BBC is in the toilet?

The man with the Dodgy Dossier now gets to do a Dodgy Documentary about the evils of booze. Come on BBC if you're want to give credence to the bansturbation/nanny state issue de jour you should have given the job to someone with at least a shred of believeability.

I wonder if this Dodgy Documentary will bang on about the threat posed to the nation by a new type of WMD, Wines of Mass Destruction. WMDs that don't really exist, you know a lot about those don't you Ally?

I know the BBC no longer has any respect for it's audience but putting this man on the nations screens, other than to televise his execution, is just taking the piss. Who's you next guest presenter, Abu Hamza on the evils of sugar perhaps?

Meanwhile the national broadcaster is ignoring stuff like this and this.

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