Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Yours Agent Smith

Over at Captain Ranty's there is a post resulting from emails which passed between the Captain and Harbinger. It's a long post but very well worth reading and spreading about. I see Underdog is also drawing attention to this with an excellent post.

It's not easy being awake, both above linked posts make that very clear far more eloquently than I ever could. I often wish I was still asleep, life was so much easier then. Nevertheless, like The Captain, Harbinger, Underdog and so many others I cannot turn back. Not for me the secretive meeting with Agent Smith in the hope of returning to the comfort of not knowing. To be honest it's not a real choice, short of alzheimers once this stuff dawns on you you're kinda stuck with it.

If we sit and do nothing what will we say to our grandchildren when they ask what we were doing while their futures were being sold into slavery?

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