Sunday, November 28, 2010

USA Fears Exploding Nuns

Well Pope Adolf won't be pleased. It seems that there has been a huge surge in American catholic priests leaving the church to join the Transport Security Administration. It couldn't have anything to do with this picture of a TSA officer in action, could it?

The TSA seems to be a strange organisation. Apparently they think that having muslims search nuns is the best way to catch terrorists.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet the new Reich, same as the Old Reich

“Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer” indeed.

Well, Godfrey Bloom obviously has the EU sussed. Seems he's a dirty climate denier too.

Rattling the Sabre

Radicalised North Koreanist

So North Korea fired 250(approx) artillery rounds at a South Korean island. They managed to kill one person and wound 3 others. South Korea fired back but the nice Mr. Jong-il isn't saying if anything was hit. Outstanding gunnery, I think you'll agree.

Is it safe to assume that both sides have
Captain Ashwood, Battery Sergeant Major Williams and Gunners Beaumont, Sugden and Graham as artillery advisors on loan from the EU Army?

The other thing that struck me about this was the rush on the part of the UN, UK, USA etc to condemn North Korea for it's actions. I think it is a bit harsh to condemn all North Koreans. Surely this act or aggretion was perpetuated by radical, fundamentalist North Koreanists.

I am sure that the moderate North Koreanists do not condone or support the actions of the radicalised minority.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Potato Justice Head Bean

Mr Justice Bean

Justice, it seems, is deaf, mad and blind. It also turns out that Mr. Bean's really, really stupid older brother is a judge.

Mr Justice Bean, (presumably a friend of Mr Potato Head) it seems, is so stupid and ignorant of the law he can't identify a crime, even when shown videotape of one being committed.

Mrs. Somerville got all those nasty looking cuts and bruises by accidentally walking into a door apparently. Hmm, shades of "he fell down the police station's stairs, your honour." only less convincing.

I wouldn't mind being the next lawyer defending a yobbo in front of Judge Bean when plod produces CCTV footage as evidence.

As usual I have questions :-

1. What about the officers who grassed Andrews up? Exactly how hellish will their lives become when this yob is inevitably reinstated?

2. Will it be possible for anyone to be held in contempt of any future court over which the contemptible judge Bean presides?

3. Is Mr. Justice Bean one of the many public figures caught in Operation Ore whose name was never made public by the police? Or did he simply do a deal over outstanding speeding tickets?

4. Why are the judiciary hammering so hard on the wedge currently being driven between plod and public?

I see the Andrews fan club that is Gadget's blog (no, I'm not linking to the T shirt pushing, sheep worrier) is over the moon that their hero got away with it. He's one of their own, and most women deserve a good slap now and then anyway.

Pamela Somerville walked into a door.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fair is a Four Letter Word

When I was young I thought the fair was great. It turned up in town about twice a year and set up on the town High Street. Bumper cars, the waltzer, the usual knock down 3 targets and win a goldfish stalls, candy floss and hot dogs, all competed for my meager pocket money. The thing about the fair was it just wasn't really fair. It was run by gypsies/travellers who would be gone in a few days so they made every effort to cheat and steal as much as possible. The rides were very expensive and short, the airguns you shot at targets with didn't shoot straight, the prizes were crap, the hot dogs gave you belly ache, the goldfish always died the day after the fair left town and only an idiot didn't check their change when paying for something.

As my dad always said, when talking about fair folk "those buggers'll have your eyes out if you don't watch 'em".

In the past few months I have been unable to turn on a radio, read a paper of browse the serious parts of the net without being lectured by the political left (including the Cleggeron Collective) about what is and isn't fair. Like they would know fair from a hole in the ground.

To these people :-

Fair is stopping child benefit to UK taxpayers while continuing payment to foreign children living in foreign countries.
Fair is raising taxes and cutting public services in the UK while giving more money to foreign countries.

Fair is hiding green power taxes in utility bills and allowing British Gas and other energy suppliers to raise their prices when wholesale gas prices are falling.

Fair is being part of an organisation which takes billions from the UK every year and gives it to other countries to steal jobs from the UK.

Fair is caring more for the the human rights of those who have violated other peoples human rights than the rights of their victims.

Fair is promising the moon on a stick before polling day and then breaking pledge after pledge after pledge
after pledge.

Fair just isn't fair anymore and as my aged father always says when talking about politicians "those buggers'll have your eyes out if you don't watch 'em".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading, Writing and Rioting

Well the big school outing to London went horribly wrong this week.

There seems to be lots of conjecture about exactly what happened and who was to blame. It looks pretty straightforward to me.

A bunch of naive students were led into a orgy of violence and damage by NUS leaders and leftist infiltrators. Behind the scenes numerous "right on" older students (aka lecturers) were pulling the levers Wizard of Oz style. Par for the course really.

The lack of action on behalf of plod to stop this "riot" is simply Paul Stephenson saying to the Cameron slime "Threaten to cut my budget would you?". For that the slime should get rid of him, along with all the other chief police officers appointed under labour. But the boy doesn't have the cojones, does he?

I agree with many other bloggers who are saying that perhaps the trashing of CCHQ while plod mostly stood by and watched will give the slime some idea of what the rest of have to put up with. Unfortunately political slime doesn't think like that.

Finally, what about the police who were injured, well sad to say I don't really care. Go back a very few years and would have felt sorry for the officer pictured below. I would have been in the camp demanding that the perpetrator be found and punished. Today the only feelings I have towards police officers injured yesterday is meh!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stoned on Twitter

"I grip the stone like this and flick my wrist on release. I can take an harlot's' eye out at 25 paces"

From the ever impartial BBC news site

"A Conservative Birmingham City councillor has been arrested over allegations he called on Twitter for a female writer to be stoned to death."

See there, the second word of the story CONSERVATIVE, just so you know we are talking about a real baby eating bastard.

Now look twittering "Can someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death?" is not actually "calling for her to be stoned to death". IT WAS A JOKE, funny or not that's what it was. Those to stupid to see that should be stoned to death for being so stupid.

"Erdington councillor Gareth Compton made the remark about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on his Twitter page." "Ms Alibhai-Brown confirmed the comments were reported to the police."

I can't imagine the pain she is enduring over this. I bet it's not as bad as the pain I get from having to listen to her for the split second it takes me to turn the radio off every time she's on the BBC spouting garbage.
West Midlands Police said Mr Compton had been arrested under the Communications Act 2003 and bailed. He has since apologised.

Nice to see that the West Midlands is now such a crime free area that plod can waste time on this nonsense. The Communications Act 2003. That will be a completely fair and rational piece of new labour legislation then.

The Conservative Party has said his membership has been suspended indefinitely pending further investigation.

Stand by your beds, here comes dhimi Dave.

Ms Alibhai-Brown said she had been upset that somebody felt it "was OK" to say such things.

Well love. in countries run by members of your faith, they don't just twitter about stoning people. They do it for real on a pretty regular basis. You don't make much fuss about that do you? Being stoned on Twitter must be so much worse than being stoned for real.
She also said she found Mr Compton's attitude "loathsome"

Well Ms. Brown should certainly be an expert on loathsome.

"If I, as a Muslim woman, had said about him what he said about me then I would be arrested in these times of the war against terror," she said.

Bwahahahahahahaha. Did you manage to say that with a straight face you disingenuous bitch? If you truly believe that then I guess you really are the "Stupidest Woman in Britain".

"He does not have more of a right to say these things about me that I do about him and I think words matter when you are in public life."

Wron, wrong, wrong. In public life words mean nothing. The words you spout are worthless, the lies that dribble from politicians mouths are worthless. It is only the inhabitants of the political/msm bubble who believe such words have meaning. "Cast-Iron guarantee", "we will phase out tuition fees", "Sadam has weapons of mass destruction", "In europe not ruled by europe" ringing any bells?

Roger McKenzie, Unison's West Midlands regional secretary, said he had been inundated with complaints from city council workers outraged at Mr Compton's comments and he called on Mr Compton to resign from the council.

Oh God here comes Unison. Getting two calls (one from Ms. Brown and one from her husband) doesn't count as being inundated Roger. Still any chance to bash a Tory, eh mate? You'd still be down the boozer with you finger up your arse if a labour councillor had done this.

"It is wholly unacceptable for a public official to make such racist comments. Councillor Compton must resign his seat immediately."
Er no it isn't racist. Last time I checked muslimism isn't a race. Some call it a religion others call it a death cult but a race of people it ain't. It's comforting to know that Unison still has it's full quota of ignorant gobshites.

The Leader of the Commons, Sir George Young, told MPs the comments were unacceptable.

"Stoning to death is a barbarous form of punishment which the government and I am sure every honourable member of this house deplores, and I hope that no elected person will threaten any member of our society with that sort of punishment," he said.

Sir George Young is quite obviously a cretin. Nobody was threatened with stoning you imbecile. So stop falling over yourself to pander to muslims. You are such a tart.

Oh by the way, there are no honourable people in the house of commons so you can drop that nonsense right now.

I don't know if it is being a peaceful one that makes Ms. Brown such a self-important, humourless old trout or whether it's being a leftist that makes her that way. It's not possible for a woman to have PMT every day is it?

Nevertheless I can't agree with Mr. Compton, Ms. Brown shouldn't be stoned to death, stoning is too good for that one.

Ye Gods, do I need a drink.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peking Phooey

I confess to seeing a deal of irony in the Cameron slime lecturing Chairman Hu Flung Dung on how China should stop being so Chinese and become more like the UK. Surely the Chinese are too sensible to take any notice of this shiny fool.

It would appear that I was a little to fast to judge. Mr. Dung it seems has not dismissed the slimes advice for the waffle it is.

Via my contact deep inside the Chinese party machine I have a copy of a memo from Mr. Dung to senior party members. I reproduce it below for the edification of the dear reader.

To: Senior Party Members (Eyes Only)

From: Hu Flung Dung

Following the recent visit of the round eye Cameron I am minded to take some of his advice. I instruct you all to consider how your departments can facilitate the proposals on the list below. Reply to me with your departmental proposals by next Wednesday.

1. Replace all this hammer, sickle and star symbolism with something friendly, green and vacuous.

2. Increase tax and regulation on profitable businesses so it becomes more economical for them to move to eastern europe.

3. Make joblessness a lifestyle choice and increase taxes on those who insist on working so the jobless can have a better lifestyle than many working fools.

4. Send all managers from our state broadcaster to the BBC for training in broadcast impartiality.

5. Stop building coal fired power stations and build olde tyme windmills instead.

6. Hand over all significant government power to foreign countries (Japan/Taiwan/Russia perhaps) and then give them huge amounts of our money with which they can make our people's lives a misery.

7. Senior police officers to be enrolled in the new ACPO sponsored Mark Andrews School of Policing. I don't want any comments about how our police are too violent already. Believe me our worst have nothing on this Andrews character.

8. Implement mass immigration from Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen etc. Then allow the immigrants to decide how our indigenous people are allowed to behave. Note to Department of Transportation - We will need to widen the door on all buses and trains to accommodate travellers with backpacks.

9. Implement tuition fees for higher education to such an extent that the majority of students who could achieve great things for the country with a good education behind them can no longer afford to go to university. This will also free up money to send as foreign aid to India and the like. I understand India needs the money to gold plate its space rockets and provide hover cars for it's senior politicians.

10. Abandon communism and implement a democratic two party system where the parties have different names and members but have identical policies and equal contempt for the populace. Note to Dept of Interior, we may need to bring in postal voting so the immigrants mentioned in point 8 above can engage in the election rigging they are so fond of.

Finally, in future please refrain from addressing me as Mr Chairman, or Honourable Leader. From now on just call me Hu.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What do you get if.........

Was this the scene in Red Millipede's bedroom 9 months ago?

What do you get when you cross an "Environmental Barrister"* with a useless, trade union puppet?

Well obviously, you get a bastard.

Like father like son, as they say. What really gets my goat is that my children will be the taxpayers who end up keeping Milliband's latest bastard in the lap of luxuary once it hits 18 and moves from suckling at it's mother teat to suckling the public teat. Just as I am paying for Millipede the bastard farther today.

* No I don't know what an environmental barrister does either. Maybe she prosecutes people who melt polar bears with flamethrowers.

I came across this while googling "melting polar bears with a flamethrower". No polar bear melting but some of the stuff gave me a giggle a little.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Rock Joe

Cameron is still being a twat, the BBC is trying to ignore the arse kicking Seamus O,Bama got yesterday. Nobody has nuked Brussells and Strasbourg. The warmists are still spreading stupid around the world and my head hurts. It's all too depressing so kick back have a drink and listen to these.

Go on tap your feet to this one

And this one

There, doesn't that feel better?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Petite Merde Socialiste

So the lilly-livered coward lieDave shows his true colours, a circle of gold stars on a blue field.

He stands there lieing through his teeth about Britain remaining a sovereign nation while he gives away our armed forces to the EU, throws billions of pounds we can't afford onto the EU gravy-train and claims he is powerless to stop an EU court decision to give prisoners the vote.

None of it adds up lieDave, if we are a sovereign state why can't we refuse to give more money to the EU, why can't we tell the EU courts to get stuffed, why are we joining forces with our ancient foe who will sell weapons to our enemies then turn tail and leg it at the first sign of trouble?

You are a twister, a liar, a con-man. You are not fit to travel the same streets as common working people. You are not fit to wear the poppy that symbolises the dead who fought to keep this country free. You are a puppet of your eurpoean masters, a grotesque caricature of a leader.

If I was Mrs. Cameroon I'd be having the kids DNA tested to make sure they were mine.

In short you are un petite merde socialiste*

I thoroughly recommend this book.

* Babelfish translation, could be Italian for all I know. If it's wrong I'm sure you can work out what I meant.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Scrotum, where's my revolver?

The day I have long feared has arrived. I've sent my ever faithful, wrinkled retainer, Old Scrotum* to fetch my service revolver. I will shortly retire to the library with a large scotch and the revolver to do the decent thing.

What has brought me to this end?

Sad to say I am in agreement with Harriett Harman.

Danny Alexander is a ginger rodent.

Ah well nice drop of scotch that, and so, goodbye cruel world.

* Apologies to Vivian Stanshall and Sir Henry

Is Andrew Suter a Mongtard?

Damn right he is. Nick Duerden is one too :-

'Daddy, where will the polar bears live?'

Some of the boldest eco-warriors are those with the most to lose – our children. Nick Duerden argues that when it comes to getting parents to go green, pester power is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh deary, deary me. If you are a masochist the full sorry article is here.

Suffice to say the writer of this piece is an idiot whose daughter should be taken away and given to people who will raise and educate her properly.

And Andrew Suter is a complete mongtard who says "children themselves have yet to question the veracity of climate change, "chiefly because they are children. They are not cynical yet.""

Not cynical but gullible as hell eh Andy?

Jesus Christ when The Boy was four I had him convinced that our family were all aliens, here on Earth merely to observe human beings and that by the time he was 18 we would be back on our home planet, Vogon.

What do we call people who take advantage of gullible children Andrew? Apart from calling them warmists, obviously, we call them con-men, some we even call perverts.

Children are being indoctrinated with warmist myths and scare stories when they should be encouraged to question and reason for themselves. Mind, if they have seen the 10:10 snuff movie they'll probably be too scared to question what they are being told.

If AGW was real they could teach children the science which proved it. They would not be resorting to the methods employed by that Goebells bloke in the late 1930s. Mind back then pester power got you sharp smack upside your head.

Remember folks AGW indoctrination of children is being paid for by your tax money and in case you hadn't noticed we are no longer governed by a red New Labour Government.