Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even God Hates Huhne

Interesting that it snows 2 days after the Huhne resigns. I think Dellers missed someone in his list of Huhne haters.

If I were of a religious persuasion I would take the recent snow as a comment from the good Lord on the Huhne and the con-trick that is the warmist movement. Funnily enough I had a warmist movement this morning, curry last night you see, but it was easily flushed away.

Meanwhile there is uproar in the prison system. It seems that prison governors the length and breadth of the land have contacted the Home Secretary to demand that, if found guilty, Huhne is not sent to their prison.

Thanks to my friends at Anonymous I can bring you a transcript of part of the phone conversation between the Governor of Wormwood Slags Prison (a proud member of the Butlins Group of companies) in that London and the Home Secretary :-

GoWS - Well you just can't send him here minister.
HS - If he is convicted we'll have to send him somewhere.
GoWS - Look minister my prison is full of run of the mill muggers, buggers, rapists, murderers, thieves, terrorists, paedophiles, arsonists and other dregs of society if they are exposed to something as malevolent as the Huhne they won't stand a chance.
HS - Look it will only be for a few weeks, it's not like a government minister perverting the course of justice is a serious matter. It's not as if he were caught sending texts to a few lay-abouts encouraging them to go riot or anything.
GoWS - Couldn't we persuade the cousins to bung him Guantanamo?
HS - Hardly, Obamalamadingdong promised to close Gitmo before he was elected, remember so he's not in a position to help us out. Anyway chances are the Essex plod will loose half the evidence before the trial anyway so you are probably worrying about nothing.
GoWS - Couldn't you just fine him? He's very rich, has six houses, millions of pounds and umpteen business interests. Taking a chunk of that away from him would be a far more appropriate punishment than a few weeks in here. Besides all the cells with balconies and scenic views are full at the moment.
HS - Don't be silly, we can't set a precedent for properly punishing people like us when we get caught. Politicians and our familiars properly accountable under the law, are you mad? A few months out of the public eye then back into a cushy government job and a few directorships here and there. You should know the form by now.
GoWS - Well just so you know, if you send him here chances are I'll have to put him in solitary with the nonces.
HS - I'm sure he'll feel right at home, he is a Lib-Dem you know?
GoWS - Yes Home Secretary.

So there you have it. Anyway thanks again to my friends at Anonymous, shame they wouldn't let me have the tape of the call from the Governor of Holoway in which she apparently goes into the details of how Big Harriet, the prison's queen dyke has issued an open challenge to the Huhne to see how far he can straighten her.

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