Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Your Shires Are Belong To US

Over in Washington the Cameroid and the Bamalama have been patting each other on the back and bigging up the "special" relationship between the UK and the good ol' US of A. Meanwhile we see another fine example of what that special relationship means to us in the UK.

As Mr. O'Dwyer points out Copyright Infringement isn't a criminal offence in the UK, it's a civil matter here. Funny how this relationship works, I don't remember our good friends in the US being very helpful when we were trying to extradite IRA terrorists from the US a few years ago. Sometimes it took years sometimes they refused completely.

Still I'm sure the nice, warm, loving people that run the Hollywood studios will be able to sleep a little easier when this evil criminal mastermind is behind bars. After all what is one boys life compared to a little more profit. These Hollywood people are such nice folks and not at all the rapacious thugs that go around bullying people as some folks claim.

While we are over in the USA it's interesting to note that the BBC can find room on it's news page for this story of evil miss-doings (maybe) against a gay person. (I know there is a lord of the rings pun in there somewhere). Strangely they can't find room for this which some would say is a more important story.

Unfortunately for we British it's not only the septics who can have us arrested and extradited anytime they like. Our oh so dear friends in that Europe can do it too. I have to say this looks even scarier than what the yanks are up to. Anna has now added this VERY interesting update here.

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