Friday, March 9, 2012

Words of Mass Deception

Here we go again. WMDs ready to launch in 45 minutes anyone?

Not giving us a cast iron guarantee on this one Dave?

Just sod off you overprivileged toffee nosed twat, aren't there any more retired police nags that need a good ride out?

You are a proven liar and about as trustworthy as Blair and Brown. Isn't 400 British soldiers dead in Afghanistan enough for you? Your WMDs (words of mass deception) are far more dangerous to Britain than Iran's.

You keep banging on about how skint we are, how can we afford another war? The problem is we don't control our armed forces anymore, Van Rumpeypumpy has more control of our army than you do Dave. Just do one you unspeakable little Quisling

War on terror my arse.

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