Friday, February 24, 2012

There are Lies, Damned Lies and BBC News

So what's going on in Rochdale? Youths on the streets fighting with plod, a takeaway business targeted, "white friends" coming to the aid of Mr. Zeeshan Khokhar, two people arrested by the police, youths shouting "EDL" after being dispersed by police. I guess it was just another bunch of mindless racists abusing a poor, hardworking asian shopkeeper. Nothing to see here move along please....

Hang on a second what's this "Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said police were aware of "tensions in the borough"

Hmm wonder what might have caused this tension, I suppose it's all the gangs of white racists roaming the area. Or maybe, just maybe it could be this.

Well of course it is and plod tried to hush all this up asked the press not to report on the trial in the name of social cohesion. The BBC and the rest of the MSM duly obliged. How the hell does hiding the sins of one sector of the community help social cohesion? The people in Rochdale know what is going on, they live there. Suppressing the reporting of this was only ever going to cause problems. With the internet you can't hide stuff like this anymore, well not for long.

If the allegations against these men are true then what they have been up to is absolutely vile and should be fully exposed. By colluding in keeping this quiet and refusing to give it the prominence it deserves the MSM is saying to the victims, their families and the white community that what has been done to these children is unimportant, they don't matter. Maybe this was an attempt to get some reporting of the matter. MSM only started mentioning it when it hit the blogs and the net, not a dickie bird before that.

This is by no means the only case of this type that plod and MSM have tried to cover up there's this and this and this and many more and it's not like nobody knew or anything.

I often wonder if the MSM strategy of under-reportuing or ignoring completely "bad news" stories involving minorities is a deliberate attempt to foster resentment when the story eventually leeks out. When you have a society with elements at each others throats it's easier for governments to increase police powers and take away our freedoms.

Anyway one thing is for sure this is not a news story, it hides more than it tells and it is deliberately skewed to conveniently hint that one of the BBCs pet hates, the EDL, was behind it all.

While I am having to take BBC news to task yet again have a look at this story, another paedo, a councillor of no political party it would seem. But as we all know if a BBC story about a politician does not mention a political party then they are sure to be Labour. Sure enough Councillor Mark Burton was a Labour Councillor.

Did you spot the nasty little barb in the story?
Specialist officers also found file-wiping software which digitally shredded documents he had held on his computer.
Don't like the suggestion that having proper file deletion software on your computer is an indication that you are a paedo. How long till plod is fitting up people as paedos just for having file shredding software on their machine?

BBC news is now completely and utterly untrustworthy. You want the truth about what is going on in the world you'd be better off asking your neighbours cat.

BBC News has still not covered this at all.

Update ----
I see the always readable Ambush Predator has also written about this here. Interesting that her peice which went up at 8:20 this morning refers to a part of the BBC report which is no longer there -

The disturbances coincide with the trial of 11 men from Rochdale accused of having sex with girls under the age of 16. They all deny the charges."

The most relevant bit of the report deleted, what more is there to say?


  1. "... and plod tried to hush all this up asked the press not to report on the trial in the name of social cohesion. "

    Was it them, though? Although no-one's actually come out and stated in in any media reports, a lot of chatter around the initial blogged news was that the 'hush up' resulted from a judge's conditions.

    Indeed, take-down requests from police prompted by names being mentioned in comments referred to 'possible contempt of court', which lends weight to that.

    Cheers for link, BTW.

  2. Julia, think you are very probably right. I have read articles which stated the judge put reporting restrictions on and others which stated the police had requested that the press laid off the story.

    Nice to see you over here and thanks for the comment.