Friday, October 29, 2010

How Many Thugs in Blue

does it take to beat up a stab victim?

About a dozen apparently!!!

This happened in August 2010. None of these rogue rozzers has even been suspended over this.

Merseyside's finest even tried to charge the victim with Assault on Police. Funny I can't see any police officers in the video. All I can see are thugs in uniform.

How many times can a plod punch you on the back of the head, while you lie restrained on the ground before it goes beyond reasonable force?

I'm sure the Chief Thug of the Merseyside force is livid about this, all those yobs attending one incident when they could have been fining motorists or beating up other drunken people.

The violent plods in this video are scum and so are the senior officers who are covering for them. Doubtless Mr Grace will receive a lump of taxpayers money for his pains and the "officers" involved will receive words of advice and move on to their next victim.


  1. There are so many of these vids coming out now and we seem to hear about them on the internet long before the MSM, if it even gets that far.

    Cops seem to have free reign to do what they want these days. The occasional one will get noticed after a particulary bad outcry but even then they only get a slap on the wrist.

    If it were civvies in the vid, they would all be in prison, the Daily Mail would have reported it and all the commenters would have said that the two year sentances they got were a joke.


  2. Bucko

    It is nice to see all those CCTV that plod was so keen to install are coming back to bite them in the arse.