Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stamp Your Little Feet

All in all Mr. Cable thought the plastic surgery had gone rather well.

I just had a couple of days leave from work so without the daily dose of completely objective Toady show and PM programme, during the commute I am a little out of touch with events. Didn't get round the blogs either because I was visiting New Vegas and enjoying my stay very much. Turning on the car radio as I started my drive this morning it was something of a surprise that the world hadn't ended as a result of the Frogswpawn's CUTS. Sadly the BBC, unions, welfare scum and public sector non job holders are still in denial and seem to think that their endless bleating and strike threats will make it all go away. A couple of stories caught my eye/ear today. So to ease myself back into the blogging yolk here's a few short sentences on those.


So Wavey Davey has vowed to stop this. Why not a "cast iron" promise I wonder?

Vow, cast iron promise, tomardo, tomato, eh Dave?

Let's face it if this budget increase is stopped it will be stopped by Frau Hilter or Msr. Shortarse not by the shiny coagulated nonce.

Firefighters to strike on Nov 5th

Oh no they won't.

Even the malignant lefties of the Fire Brigades unions understand that if anyone were to die as the result of their strike over shift pattern changes, the bad publicity would turn them and their members into pariahs.
God help them if such a fatality turned out to be one of the "peaceful ones".

So Mr Wrack, have your little tantrum, stamp you little feet, put your placards up, get you fire station picket lines organised. Don't forget your "Honk if you support us" signs. Then we will see how many honks and how how many two fingered salutes you get.

I appreciate there are many dedicated firemen out there who do not support the prospect of striking. My hat is off to you and the work you do.

And Finally

Housing benefit is to be capped at £400 per week. YOU WHAT?

That's £20,000 per year, tax free. It is imorral to tax working people to the extent prevailant in this country while giving £20,000 to people so they can live in big houses they haven't earned.
If £400 is the new cap how much are they getting now?

"In central London, the Local Housing Allowance gives families in four bedroom homes up to £1,000 per week to pay their rent. So families in Westminster and parts of boroughs such as Camden could be worse off by up to £600 per week, or £31,200 per year."

I can't tell you how much my heart bleeds for those having their free money reduced from £1,000 to only £400 a week. How about we do away with this "benefit" altogether and make them do what I have to; live in a house I can afford from what I am allowed to keep of my wages.

It sounds to me like some landlords have been doing rather well on my tax money. Maybe they will be forced into charging less ridiculous rents or face having their properties empty.

£1,000 per week, I suppose Blair and Brown were happy to spend that much of our money to secure more labour voters into these areas.

This is all too depressing. I'm going back to New Vegas.

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