Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Translating Vince

It was a moment of truth for the lib-dums. Sadly they didn't so much step up to the plate as leg it out of the stadium and get the eco friendly bus home.

You remember the lib-dums don't you? Remember, the nice sit-on-the fence, be nice to everyone, sniping at the two big parties and telling everyone how they could do much better and everything would be nice and fair and progressive and nobody would have to pay for anything.

For such a bunch of self proclaimed do-gooders they certainly betrayed their starry eyed voters with consummate ease.

So for any lib-dum voters out there who are still unsure about what happened today, allow me to translate old man Cable's speech on university fees into words you can understand.

Over to you Vince;
"We like being in power, it makes us feel important. Doing what David tells us is the only way we can remain in power. We are more than happy to forget our principles and renege on each and every promise we have ever made just to hold onto our little bit of power. So Bugger the students, bugger the voters, bugger principle, bugger everything, Long live the COAGULATION!!!

Lib-dums, scum on stilts.

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