Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Very Tall, Bald paul

Too much stupid for one photo.

So, secret little fascist "sir" Paul Slaphead has unveiled his masterplan for saving rogue rozzers from the wrath of the bereived, maimed and abused.

Cunningly the ex-Tesco shelf stacker has included an idea to circumvent employment tribunals. Presumably so that he doesn't have to compensate any Christians/Hindus/Budhists/Jews sacked for wearing symbols of their religion while shoveling compo at the likes of this fine example of police officership.

Finally the folically challenge, potential retifist has decided that all these damned FOI requests are putting too much embarrassing information into the public domain. So he's come up with a wizard money making wheeze to make us pay to see the information our taxes already paid for. A bit like a bank charging you to withdraw your own money.

Presumably when he finds out what the blogs are saying about this he will want obstacles placed in the way of bloggers. Six feet of earth I imagine.

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