Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swedish men hate their women, Serb men hate their gays.

Swedes should love their jobs more than their Children

Oh deary me, those awful, awful Swedes, only the men obviously.

Sweden has slipped from 1st to 4th in the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index. Bastard Vikings, and here's me thinking the Gender GAP Index is some sort of mail order clothes catalogue.

Men are only using about one fifth of their 480 days paternity leave entitlement.
Maybe that is because women are much better at child care than men. Maybe that's because we evolved that way.

"This conflict between employment and childcare stops women from becoming economically independent, and reinforces the notion of men being the principal breadwinners."

It couldn't be that some women believe that providing a stable home and caring for their children properly is far more important than working to fill their home with consumerist crap.

"I would say that equality between the sexes should be the benchmark by which a society is judged as a good or bad place."

If you really believe that is the best benchmark then I would say that you are a retard. You're not though are you? You are just a nasty little totalitarian lefty.

"Or should it allocate parental leave equally between the father and mother and force them to use it?"

Oh so this is nothing to do with individual choice then. Women who value their family more highly than daily 9 to 5 drudge are wrong. Women who believe their children are better off with them than being shoved into Kiddie Kennels every day are wrong, You fascist bint.

I'm surprised that someone so concerned with women's rights had nothing to say about the situation in Malmo. The religion of peace isn't known for it's sexual equality.

Ah well not to worry,
"Every day next week, BBC World Service's The World Today programme will focus on the movement for gender equality. Among the influential women giving their views will be........ and top UK barrister Cherie Blair."

Cherie Blair, what better example of working "motherhood" could their be?

As you can imagine I am thrilled that my telly tax is being used to spread such lefty crap to the whole world.

Serbian crims hate gayers

As we in the UK knows gays are wonderful, why can't the Serbs get with the programme?

"Serbia, still emerging from the darkness of the Yugoslav wars and diplomatic isolation in the 1990s, now seemingly at war with itself."

Er no. There are just a lot of blokes who don't like gayers but without their own BBC to guide them they just don't understand what a great asset to their country a vibrant gay scene can be.

"These groups are extremely right-wing and clearly have a political goal", says Zoran Dragisic, a professor of security studies in Belgrade.

Er no. There are just lots of blokes in Serbia that don't like gayers.

"I am worried that this violence could be very dangerous for Serbia's European ambitions"

Ah, the EU doesn't like countries where there are lots of blokes who don't like gayers.

"They are close to organised crime and are sending a message that they don't want Serbia to join Nato and the EU."

Er, I think they are trying to send the message that they don't like gayers.

"If Serbia becomes a member of the EU, they can't perform their criminal activities in the same way. I am worried that this violence could be very dangerous for Serbia's European ambitions".

BWAhahahahahahahahahaha. Only a low grade moron would think EU membership would do anything but increase the Serbian mafia activity. Mind the Serb crims could probably learn a thing or two from the criminals in Brussels.

Shame In Serbia My Arse.

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