Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Andrew Suter a Mongtard?

Damn right he is. Nick Duerden is one too :-

'Daddy, where will the polar bears live?'

Some of the boldest eco-warriors are those with the most to lose – our children. Nick Duerden argues that when it comes to getting parents to go green, pester power is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh deary, deary me. If you are a masochist the full sorry article is here.

Suffice to say the writer of this piece is an idiot whose daughter should be taken away and given to people who will raise and educate her properly.

And Andrew Suter is a complete mongtard who says "children themselves have yet to question the veracity of climate change, "chiefly because they are children. They are not cynical yet.""

Not cynical but gullible as hell eh Andy?

Jesus Christ when The Boy was four I had him convinced that our family were all aliens, here on Earth merely to observe human beings and that by the time he was 18 we would be back on our home planet, Vogon.

What do we call people who take advantage of gullible children Andrew? Apart from calling them warmists, obviously, we call them con-men, some we even call perverts.

Children are being indoctrinated with warmist myths and scare stories when they should be encouraged to question and reason for themselves. Mind, if they have seen the 10:10 snuff movie they'll probably be too scared to question what they are being told.

If AGW was real they could teach children the science which proved it. They would not be resorting to the methods employed by that Goebells bloke in the late 1930s. Mind back then pester power got you sharp smack upside your head.

Remember folks AGW indoctrination of children is being paid for by your tax money and in case you hadn't noticed we are no longer governed by a red New Labour Government.

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