Friday, October 8, 2010

Everybody Whinge Now

OK here's a little test for you, see if you can work out whether I work in the public or private sector.

We got some bad but not unexpected news at work today. Due to the current financial situation the organisation's pension scheme is having problems. To remedy this our employer will be taking bigger pension contributions from our wages each month and the pensions we receive at retirement will be a deal smaller than we had previously expected.

Within minutes of the official letters being distributed they had been read and put away and everyone was getting on with their work. There were no rants about how unfair it all is. There were no threats to strike and there were no threats to lynch the directors or to march on London to burn down all the banks.

So to all the public sector wonks out there who they believe they are being treated unfairly with regards to pay and pensions I say:-

"Do shut up, we are fed up of hearing your endless whinging. You should remember that if it wasn't for Labour's gerrymandering most of you probably wouldn't have a cushy public sector job at all. So think yourselves lucky, shut the fuck up and take your medicine like the rest of us."

I'm still waiting for someone from the BBC to show up to ask us how we feel about our pension cuts.


  1. I bet you'll be waiting a while. I don't think the BBC give a tiny rats arse about the private sector.

    It's a wierd comparison. You guys have to make extra contributions and you just accept it. It's probably because you are used to working for what you get. The public sector seem to think that money really does grow on trees. They live in their own little world that is slowly falling apart and they dont know what to do.

    We have a voluntary contribution pension at work. I've just upped it a little bit because I got my anual pay rise. It was half of what last years rise was but I aint gonna moan because a lot of people wont get any. I feel lucky just to have got something.

    Sorry for the spelling - It's Guinness time.

  2. Hey Bucko

    Yup, and the reason we just accept it is we understand how the world works. We understand the problem with pension fund and we understand that this is the way to fix it. We don't just expect someone else to pay for it.

    Have a happy guiness time.

  3. "We don't expect someone else to pay for it".
    The country would have no debt problems whatsoever, if everyone thought like that.
    (And the Daily Mail would go bust)

    Guinness is going down well, thanks.