Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bugger the BBC

I haven't been on the BBC News site for a while. I visited today and was reminded why I don't go there much. Here are a selection of what their news items:-

X-Factor contestant to be deported

Good, if I had my way every single X-Factor contestant would be deported to Zimbabwe or shot or both and in the case of the 200,000 members of her Faceache support page all 3.

Hague talks more bollocks

"It will make clear that EU directives take effect in the UK only by the will of Parliament, which can be withdrawn."

Oh shut up you silly little twerp. Your promises on Europe are worthless, you are a bare faced liar just like Cast-Iron Cameron so wind your neck in, shut your yap and go back to not having gay sex. Tosser.

Not gay, but is he a friend of William?

Gosh but this not being gay business is really catching on

Gilles de Kerchove is a European twat
EU officials have renewed warnings that the threat from al-Qaeda is real and ongoing.

"Public officials would not terrify the population without anything to back it up," said EU anti-terrorism co-coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, in comments reported by the AFP news agency.

Oh yes they would, they do it all the time it's how they keep the sheeple in line you stupid euro-weenie.

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