Friday, October 29, 2010

Less a Churchill, more a Quisling

Dave Quisling-Haw-Haw pulls the chain on another £450 million of our money

Shiny iDave, who art in Brussels,
reviled be thy name.
Thy day will come,
thy will be done,
with rope on a scaffold.
Give us no more thy lefty bullshit.
And give no more, Our money to Strasbourg,
as we take thy tax hikes and job cuts.
And lead us not into deep union,
but deliver thy referendum.
For thine was the promise, cast iron, and plighted. for ever and ever.
Blue Labour.

After his one to one with Mr. Barroso brave Dave gritted his teeth and shuffled off to the proctologist

I do not know how this cowardly, traitorous vermin has the brass neck to wear a RBL poppy. I'll be sending him a white feather to wear instead.

Updated coz I clicked the post button too soon.

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