Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rogue Rozzers

Is it Paul Whitehouse on a bad hair day?

Is it a bad female impersonator?

Is it a tramp who just scored a new suit at the local Sue Ryder shop?

No, this apparently is a Superintendent of police and a Detective Superintendent at that.

Charlie McMurdie is head of Met's Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) and according to The Register she seems to have been a very naughty lady plod. According to Judge Sandra Pontac the lovely Charlie told bare faced lies under oath at an employment tribunal in an attempt to cover her arse and that of her side kick Detective Inspector Kevin Williams.

This sort of behaviour by police officers no longer surprises me, especially when it involves the Met. It is merely demonstrates how increasingly dishonest the police are becoming. I also suspect dear Charlie may be another example of someone being promoted way beyond their capabilities for the sake of political correctness.

It will be interesting so see how the Met deal with the allegations. The judge made her remarks on the 13th October (as far as I can work out). That's almost a week ago I would have expected the alleged "criminal" to have been suspended, or possibly even arrested and bailed while an investigation was carried out. After all that is what would happen to me or you (any visiting plods excluded natch).

Strangely I can't find anything about this on the BBC news site, I'm not the best searcher but somehow I just know they are very unlikely to cover a story about the bad behaviour of an over promoted, unmarried woman of Miss McMurdie type.

It seems it is not only the beeb which is neglecting this story. Coverage by the dead tree press is somewhat thin. The Independent has coverage of the earlier hearings in the case but not the latest developments.

The final two paragraphs of the Indy story are real gobsmackers:-

"DI Williams received "words of advice" – the lowest form of disciplinary action in the Met police – for cheating and instigating false disciplinary proceedings, and was recently appointed to a counterterrorism role."

Words of Advice and a posting to a cushy anti-terrorism post for cheating his way into a job and starting false disciplinary proceedings against a fellow officer to destroy his career. You try lying your way into a job. If you get caught and the company calls plod they may well try to have you up for Obtaining Pecuniary Advantage by deception. Words of bloody advice.

A police spokesman said: "The Met encourages staff to challenge inappropriate behaviour and report wrongdoing so it can maintain high professional standards, and the trust and confidence of staff and the wider community."

And in reality, grass someone up and you are finished my son. "Maintain high professional standards", Jesus H Christ on a tricycle the bloody Pakistan Cricket team know more about high professional standards the this lot.

I suppose we should be grateful that this allegedly mendacious cow and her dodgy sidekick have only cost us tax payers £38,000 plus the real cost of the trial. At least this time some poor sap isn't going cold on a slab or lying bleeding in the corner of a police cell.

Mind you if Not Very Tall, Bald Paul had his way, there wouldn't have been a tribunal for this bitch to lie to.

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