Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Call Me Doris

Take two households.

Household 1 has one earner(me) and 2 children (the Boy and Monkeygirl). A 5 year old Ford sits on the drive. The household income is in excess of £37,400 and we live within our means. According to the coagulation, I am rich and will loose £132 per month Family Allowance (you call it benefit if you want).

Household 2 has 2 earners (my neighbours) and 2 children. Two 2009 BMWs on the drive, A couple of foreign holidays a year, credit card debts up the yingyang and a household income in excess of £70,000. They will continue to receive £132 per month Family allowance.

Putting aside the, perceived, rights and wrongs of universal Family Allowance, would someone from the coagulation please explain to me how the hell this can be described in any way, shape or form as being FAIR.

It's not like it is my choice to be the only earner, I am widowed so have no option. Perhaps this is where I am going wrong. Maybe if I change my name to Doris and start referring to myself as a single parent or better yet if I get a sex change on the NHS, claim the hallowed Single Mother status I will be given all the free money I can eat. I'd do it too but then I'd have to rename the blog to Deniersaurus-Regina and that just sounds silly.

Blair,Brown - Cameron, Osbourne - peas, pod.


  1. I have no children, household income is c£29,000 from 2 wage earners and we get fuck all. We pay a hell of a lot of tax though.

  2. Bucko - Maybe I pitched this wrong. My real moan is not the loss of the money, but the use of the word FAIR to describe the manner in which this will be applied. I'm fed up with these buggers pissing down my back and trying to convince me it's raining.

  3. D-Rex - Maybe I did too. That was exactly the point I was making. It's all tits up yet packaged as "Fair".

  4. One this is for sure Bucko, we all pay too much tax and get precious little for our money.