Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Denier of the Month

I wish to extend my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to Mr Richard Curtis, for making the 10:10 Splattergate film. With this magnum opus he has done more to undermine the AGW religion than certainly I, and perhaps even some serious skeptics, could hope to.

He has cast a very public, very revealing light into the dark mindset of the warmist zealot. This was supposed to be comedy, we were supposed to laugh. Jesus H. Christ on a bike I thought I had a warped sense of humour. I will say one thing, it's the first Richard Curtis film that I have actually watched and if he keeps on making them like this Robert Rodriguez is going to be out of a job.

Well 10:10 wanted publicity from this film and thanks to my new best friend Dicky C. they got exactly the type of publicity they deserved.

So to Mr Curtis, the footballers (whoever they were), the school kids, the offices workers and to thinking-man's-totty turned eco-bimbo Silly Gilly Anderson I say "Thank you, this is just what the AGW debate needed."

So ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the first ever Deniersaurus-Rex, Denier of the Month :-

Mr. Richard Curtis, Denier of the month and a
true deniersaurus if ever I saw one.

See, I bloody told you there was a James J. Lee inside every warmist.

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