Monday, September 6, 2010

Is James in Every Warmist?

A relatively sane warmist did the world a favour last week by getting himself shot to death by the police (Using bullets made from sustainable materials I hope).

James J. Lee entered the Discovery TV building with a handgun and a "bomb". He was protesting that Discovery were not broadcasting enough global warmist alarmism. The warmists demands clearly show that he was greatly influenced in his warmist beliefs by the venerable Al Gore and his mocumentary "an inconvenient truth".

The BBCs completely unbiased report on the incident is hidden away in the USA/Canada pages and doesn't mention Al Gore or even global warming. It's a good job all that BBC bias is behind them, eh?

I suspect there is a James J. Lee inside every warmist who isn't making money from the AGW scam. Expect more as the AGW nonsense finally unravels.

Updated coz I forgot the links.

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