Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Potato Justice Head Bean

Mr Justice Bean

Justice, it seems, is deaf, mad and blind. It also turns out that Mr. Bean's really, really stupid older brother is a judge.

Mr Justice Bean, (presumably a friend of Mr Potato Head) it seems, is so stupid and ignorant of the law he can't identify a crime, even when shown videotape of one being committed.

Mrs. Somerville got all those nasty looking cuts and bruises by accidentally walking into a door apparently. Hmm, shades of "he fell down the police station's stairs, your honour." only less convincing.

I wouldn't mind being the next lawyer defending a yobbo in front of Judge Bean when plod produces CCTV footage as evidence.

As usual I have questions :-

1. What about the officers who grassed Andrews up? Exactly how hellish will their lives become when this yob is inevitably reinstated?

2. Will it be possible for anyone to be held in contempt of any future court over which the contemptible judge Bean presides?

3. Is Mr. Justice Bean one of the many public figures caught in Operation Ore whose name was never made public by the police? Or did he simply do a deal over outstanding speeding tickets?

4. Why are the judiciary hammering so hard on the wedge currently being driven between plod and public?

I see the Andrews fan club that is Gadget's blog (no, I'm not linking to the T shirt pushing, sheep worrier) is over the moon that their hero got away with it. He's one of their own, and most women deserve a good slap now and then anyway.

Pamela Somerville walked into a door.

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  1. That blogging copper is a right bellend. And all his jack booted dick head mates.
    They're fooking loving it.