Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading, Writing and Rioting

Well the big school outing to London went horribly wrong this week.

There seems to be lots of conjecture about exactly what happened and who was to blame. It looks pretty straightforward to me.

A bunch of naive students were led into a orgy of violence and damage by NUS leaders and leftist infiltrators. Behind the scenes numerous "right on" older students (aka lecturers) were pulling the levers Wizard of Oz style. Par for the course really.

The lack of action on behalf of plod to stop this "riot" is simply Paul Stephenson saying to the Cameron slime "Threaten to cut my budget would you?". For that the slime should get rid of him, along with all the other chief police officers appointed under labour. But the boy doesn't have the cojones, does he?

I agree with many other bloggers who are saying that perhaps the trashing of CCHQ while plod mostly stood by and watched will give the slime some idea of what the rest of have to put up with. Unfortunately political slime doesn't think like that.

Finally, what about the police who were injured, well sad to say I don't really care. Go back a very few years and would have felt sorry for the officer pictured below. I would have been in the camp demanding that the perpetrator be found and punished. Today the only feelings I have towards police officers injured yesterday is meh!

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