Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rattling the Sabre

Radicalised North Koreanist

So North Korea fired 250(approx) artillery rounds at a South Korean island. They managed to kill one person and wound 3 others. South Korea fired back but the nice Mr. Jong-il isn't saying if anything was hit. Outstanding gunnery, I think you'll agree.

Is it safe to assume that both sides have
Captain Ashwood, Battery Sergeant Major Williams and Gunners Beaumont, Sugden and Graham as artillery advisors on loan from the EU Army?

The other thing that struck me about this was the rush on the part of the UN, UK, USA etc to condemn North Korea for it's actions. I think it is a bit harsh to condemn all North Koreans. Surely this act or aggretion was perpetuated by radical, fundamentalist North Koreanists.

I am sure that the moderate North Koreanists do not condone or support the actions of the radicalised minority.

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