Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fair is a Four Letter Word

When I was young I thought the fair was great. It turned up in town about twice a year and set up on the town High Street. Bumper cars, the waltzer, the usual knock down 3 targets and win a goldfish stalls, candy floss and hot dogs, all competed for my meager pocket money. The thing about the fair was it just wasn't really fair. It was run by gypsies/travellers who would be gone in a few days so they made every effort to cheat and steal as much as possible. The rides were very expensive and short, the airguns you shot at targets with didn't shoot straight, the prizes were crap, the hot dogs gave you belly ache, the goldfish always died the day after the fair left town and only an idiot didn't check their change when paying for something.

As my dad always said, when talking about fair folk "those buggers'll have your eyes out if you don't watch 'em".

In the past few months I have been unable to turn on a radio, read a paper of browse the serious parts of the net without being lectured by the political left (including the Cleggeron Collective) about what is and isn't fair. Like they would know fair from a hole in the ground.

To these people :-

Fair is stopping child benefit to UK taxpayers while continuing payment to foreign children living in foreign countries.
Fair is raising taxes and cutting public services in the UK while giving more money to foreign countries.

Fair is hiding green power taxes in utility bills and allowing British Gas and other energy suppliers to raise their prices when wholesale gas prices are falling.

Fair is being part of an organisation which takes billions from the UK every year and gives it to other countries to steal jobs from the UK.

Fair is caring more for the the human rights of those who have violated other peoples human rights than the rights of their victims.

Fair is promising the moon on a stick before polling day and then breaking pledge after pledge after pledge
after pledge.

Fair just isn't fair anymore and as my aged father always says when talking about politicians "those buggers'll have your eyes out if you don't watch 'em".


  1. D,

    The political party in this country (I think they are called LibLabCon) don't only steal your eyeballs, they come back for the sockets.

    We are just cretins to them. To be milked, to be watched, to be tagged, to be utterly, utterly controlled.

    The worst thing of all?

    We let them.

    We pay them.

    It's our fault. All of it.

    I try (ad nauseum) to probe for, and stoke, peoples rage. There isn't any. They couldn't care less. They are all affected with apathy. It is so deeply embedded that most days I despair.


  2. Captain

    We hear you. Many of us agree with you, me for one. It takes a while to break down the years of programming.

    Personally I am still researeching both Freemanism and lawful rebellion keenly. It takes a while to really get to grips with this stuff while also considering the potental effects for those dependant on me.

    Keep up the good work at your site, keep pumping the message out and keep posting the great Freeman info.

    We'll get there.