Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Petite Merde Socialiste

So the lilly-livered coward lieDave shows his true colours, a circle of gold stars on a blue field.

He stands there lieing through his teeth about Britain remaining a sovereign nation while he gives away our armed forces to the EU, throws billions of pounds we can't afford onto the EU gravy-train and claims he is powerless to stop an EU court decision to give prisoners the vote.

None of it adds up lieDave, if we are a sovereign state why can't we refuse to give more money to the EU, why can't we tell the EU courts to get stuffed, why are we joining forces with our ancient foe who will sell weapons to our enemies then turn tail and leg it at the first sign of trouble?

You are a twister, a liar, a con-man. You are not fit to travel the same streets as common working people. You are not fit to wear the poppy that symbolises the dead who fought to keep this country free. You are a puppet of your eurpoean masters, a grotesque caricature of a leader.

If I was Mrs. Cameroon I'd be having the kids DNA tested to make sure they were mine.

In short you are un petite merde socialiste*

I thoroughly recommend this book.

* Babelfish translation, could be Italian for all I know. If it's wrong I'm sure you can work out what I meant.

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