Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wood Smoking

Dear Mr. Stonewall

A few weeks ago me and the boy (aka my 18yr old son) were in the garden cutting some of the bigger shrubs back. We packed up what we could for disposal by the council, but we had so much that it was obvious that I had to have a large pile of garden waste sitting about for a fortnight, till the next garden waste collection or I had to find another means of disposal.

I have no need for large amounts of compost so a compost heap is not practical. Taking it to the local council disposal site myself would have meant driving it there in the car which is really unkind to the planet so obviously goes against my principals. I decided tat the only option was a bonfire. Out with the old barbecue, piled it up with twigs etc and apply matches. Hurray, easy way to turn large amounts of garden rubbish into a small manageable amount of ash.

As the wood and twigs were quite freshly cut the bonfire produced quite a bit of smoke. I was engulfed in this smoke adding more twigs when my son said to me "You're a wood smoker"

A perfectly innocent remark you may think but a little later it occurred to me that the term "wood smoker" may not have been quite so innocent. Indeed the more I think about it the more I suspect that this was a veiled insult with homophobic insinuations. Even though I am not a homosexual I fear that this "innocent" remark may have revealed some underlying anti homosexual feelings in my son's character. As you might imagine this has caused me great concern.

Could you advise me on what if any help I can get to determine if my son is homophobic and if so how I can get him fixed so that he can become a valid member of society?

Deniersaurus-Rex (Mr.)


  1. I had a similar experience last week Rex. I was tidying the garage with my son who is coincidentally 18 too. I had placed a large tupperware type tub box on the floor with the intention of placing rubbish (shit) in. I had a pile of old magazines that needed throwing away and my son quipped "Stick it in the shitbox dad". I was somewhat shocked to say the least. I had no inkling that my son was a homophobiac, let alone would expect me not to recycle and therefore save the planet. I intend to have a father and son chat with the lad but feel a little out of my depth on this subject and would be grateful if you would post the relevant information that Mr Stonewall furnishes you regarding anti-gay propaganda.