Tuesday, June 15, 2010

McGuiness Isn't Good For You

Having now had a chance to go through the Saville report on the 1972 Londonderry incident I now regret the flippancy of my previous post.

I am now of the opinion that the £200 million that the report has cost was real value for money. The complete list of conclusions is as follows :-

1. 14 peace loving, totally innocent, catholic, hug bunnies were callously gunned down by the evil Brits.
2. Martin McGuiness was only in the area armed with a machine gun because he was getting rid of moles from a friends lawn.
3. Adolf Hitler was a much misunderstood friend of the Jews.
4. Pol Pot never even visited Cambodia, let alone kill half it's population.
5. The 9/11 atrocity was perpetrated by Buddhists.
6. Muhammad liked to have his portrait painted.
7. David Kelly committed suicide.
8. Robert Mugabe really loves white folks.
9. Gordon Brown abolished boom and bust.
10. Tony Blair never lies and his wife is not an unspeakable whore.
11. The "Hockey Stick" graph represents a piece of well researched science.
12. Obama has a clue.
13. The Moon is made of cheese.

I think you will agree that these findings are well worth the cost.

As this is not a sweary blog I cannot fully express the contempt I have for Cleggeron 1 and his completely inappropriate apology. Suffice to say the man is a complete smeg head of a soaking wet liberal, shiny faced, can't even win an election against Gordon bloody Brown, sniveling, embarrassment.

All that's left now is for us taxpayers to pick up the compensation bill.

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