Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is It Flag Day

Dear Mr. Sainsbury.

My partner and I recently visited the local Sainsbury's store to take advantage of your company's generous buy on get one free offers on organic humus and cruelty free, fairtrade tofu.

I have to report our visit to your premises was a nightmare. On entering the car park we felt as if we had accidentally driven into a BNP rally, so many of teh parked cars were displaying a flag showing a red cross on a white background. While we do not know the origins of this flag we know that these days it is nothing more than a BNP banner.

It got worse. On entering the shop itself we find that you are actually offering this racist paraphernalia for sale on your premises. To top this off I noticed that a significant number of your customers were wearing clothing which clearly showed this racist image. Have these people no shame. Had we had one of our many muslim friends from London with us I hate to think how upset they would have been. Is it any wonder some muslims turn to extremism given this type of provocation. We are giving serious consideration to reporting you to the Equality Commission.

My partner and I moved from Islington to Milton Keynes to get out of the city and reconnect with the countryside and nature. However had we known that we would be moving into a racist vipers nest we would have stayed put.

You should know that we will not patronise your shops ever again and we will be tweeting all our friends to boycott your company. We will also be writing a letter to the Guardian about this matter. As a direct result of my visit to your shop my partner and I have decided to move back to the real world and away from this rural racist hellhole.

Sharon Manouver and Betty Heimlich.


  1. It was obvious from the outset that Griffo had ignored my advice on changing the flag, if only he would of taken heed. He was sure that the support shown in public with teeshirt wearing and numberplate emblems would give the BNP enough seats to form a coalition at the very least, how wrong he was.
    I suggested a two sided flag with a red cross on one side and on the reverse side three boxes containing photographs. In one box a hammer and sickle (to confuse the commies into believing that the BNP are indeed a non racial multicultural marxist party). In number two box a photo of the man in the moon smiling down on the islamic members of the community (therefore prooving that the BNP are in no way shape or form Islamophobiacs. And thirdly but not last, a photo of a passport with some 20 quid notes stuffed inside and a giro (this was to gain essential voters from the immigrant communities, students, benefit claimants and pensioners). It could have been a diferrent Nick calling the shots and I bet he is kicking himself now.

  2. Sgt

    Very good.

    Not a fan of the BNP but at least they want out of the EU unlike that prat clegg