Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sad Day

So what do you make of Derek Bird?

From what I have heard so far he shot a taxi driver, a cyclist and a Range Rover driver so no downside there. Whoops my prejudices are showing.

Seriously though get ready for the spin. The BBC will likely spin this into a right wing terrorist story. Thus validating their claim that it isn't muslims that we need to worry about but right wingers. That or they will claim he was working for Mossad.

The health lobby will likely claim he was a binge drinker who got legless on cheap supermarket booze and went on a rampage.

ASH will claim he had a brain disease caused by passive smoking before they banned smoking in taxis.

The warmists will likely claim that he breathed in too much carbon dioxide due to ever increasing emissions and that this caused him to go mad.

The muslims will likely claim him as one of theirs engaged in jihad against decadent Cumbria.

The Cleggerons will claim it is Labours fault and Labour will blame Thatcher.

Personally, despite the jokes, I think this is very, very sad and I have great sympathy for the dead and their families. Nevertheless I fear that at the end of the day the media and politicians will speak their weasel words and use this awful event and the deaths of these people as justification to further their own agendas and remove more of our freedoms.

Dunblaine happened because the local plod didn't do his job properly, allowing a mad fellow mason to keep firearms. It will be interesting to see how Mr Bird held onto his guns.

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