Monday, June 21, 2010

New Jersey comes to Blackburn

Blackburn Council's Environmental Services Department was raided by the Serious Crime Squad yesterday and several members of Recycling Team were arrested. The raid follows complaints from business men in the area about strong-arm tactics being used by the councils recycling team to pursued them to use the councils very expensive recycling scheme rather than cheaper more environmentally friendly schemes.

Those arrested include Mr Peter Paul Gualtieri (aka Paulie Walnuts) recycling scheme enforcer, Silvio Dante the recycling teams consigliere , Mr Christopher Moltisanti the recycling team organiser and Mr Tony "T" Soprano the recycling scheme manager.

All four of those arrested have been charged with demanding money with menaces and fly tipping.

A spokesrat for the council said "This comes as a complete surprise to the council. Mr Soprano's team were well known within the council and commanded a lot of respect from everyone. We appreciate that there have been some rumours about Mr Soprano's methods but he certainly got results and we believe the recent allegations of broken legs, beatings and shootings was exaggeration. Mr Soprano was always able to produce evidence that he and his team were elsewhere at the time of the alleged incidents.

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