Friday, June 11, 2010

I want my 12 quid back and a reward

Dear Cleggeron 1

It has come to my attention that former Home Secretary and brail enabled raver David Blunkett may sue the current government to recover the cost of his now useless UK ID Card. I feel that the silly old page feeler has got things a little backwards here.

I understand that around 13,000 ID cards were issued in total. All those who purchased an ID card did so voluntarily. I have read that the total costs incurred by the ID card scheme prior to it's cancellation was £2 billion. This makes the actual cost of each card issued approximately £153,846.

I would therefore suggest that Mr. Blunkett and the other labour supporting mentalists that bought these cards all be invoiced the the full cost of their card. Collecting the money should not be a problem as all their details are on the ID database so they will be easy to find.

On a similar topic I believe that I should have the cost of my No2ID t shirt refunded by the current government. After all, by successfully campaigning against these nasty little symbols of totalitarianism, I have saved the country a fortune. While I was happy to do my bit for my country I feel that, having saved the country so many billions of pounds, a cut of the savings wouldn't go amiss. I estimate about £1 million would be appropriate and would represent excellent value for money.

I look forward to your reply and an enclosed cheque.

Yours expectantly.

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