Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr Barry Chicken Shit

Seventeen year old Luke Angel has been banned from the USA for life for sending an abusive email to Barry Obamalamadingdong. So did he threaten to jihad Barry's ass? Nope while it is alleged that the whole email was full of abusive and threatening language the only details in the report is that he called Barry a prick, fair comment surely.

Oh my, the full weight of the FBI brought down on the head of a teenager for sending a single abusive email. Haven't the FBI anything better to do, organising more false flag terror attacks or investigating X files or something. Do these humourless drones really believe this boozy teenager is a viable threat to their increasing unpopular president?

I doubt Barry ordered this himself but the fact that he did not step in to stop such a gross over-reaction tells us much about him. What sort of complete smeg-head do you have to be to punish anyone in this manner for voicing disapproval of your actions, colourful though the language might have been.

In response to this ridiculous over-reaction I aim the following remarks at Mr Obama personally not the office he currently occupies.

To use American parlance, Mr Obama, you sir are a chicken-shit and Luke was correct you are a prick too.

Will this get me banned from the US. If it does, who cares, in a couple of years Barry will be gone and I'll write a nice letter to President Palin asking to be unbanned.

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