Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Viviane Reding is a stupid, unelected, sanctimonious, parasitical bitch

Warning biggoted opinion ahead

While I'm in the getting banned mood does anybody know the email address of the unelected, sanctimonious bitch in this vid. If you do please let me have it and I will send her an email in the hope that I am expelled from the EU for life.

She's from Luxemburg*, that's not even a proper country for Christ's sake. Have a look at her Wikipedia page here. All you need to read is the first paragraph. She's just another professional political parasite who has never had a proper job

It is very disingenuous of her to compare what the French are doing to the actions of the Germans in WWII. Come on dear, Sarky is the first French leader to stand up to invaders since god knows when, cut the little guy some slack. Let's hope the french short arse stands his ground. It could get interesting.

Just in case her or one of her thousands of minions stumbles upon this post I'd like to reiterate my message, just so there can be no misunderstanding of my opinion of this piece of eurotrash ; Vivianne you are a unelected, sanctimonious, parasitical bitch. I also suspect that earlier in your life you were a man. I hope you die screaming very soon.

* See it is such a pointless place I don't even know how to spell it properly.

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