Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's not like I want to burn it

Good afternoon dear reader, I need your advice.

Some time ago I obtained a copy of the Koran audio book in MP3 format. I usually play my audio books on my Blackberry, it's very handy for this and you don't need to use headphones.

I have now listened to as much of the koran as I wish to and need to make space on my Blackberry for my next book, Salman Rushdie's Satanic Vurses. What is worrying me is what Will happen if I just delete the audio koran and some swivel-eyed, beardy, peaceful person finds out what I have done.

Will there be riots in Northern Crapystan? will I be burnt in effigy across the peaceful islamic world? Will Obameses denounce me? Will I be Fatwa'd?

All advice gratefully received.


  1. F.E.

    I thought I already had been but when I decifered the message it turns out it was just boy letting me know he would not be home for tea tonight.

  2. Yes. All those things will most definately happen.
    I say give it a go. It might be fun.