Thursday, September 2, 2010

Psychotic Picts


Impossibly beautiful warrior maidens, psychotic Picts, caring, compassionate Romans all combine to make this film a big pile of politically correct crap. The Picts loose, of course, what else would you expect to happen any tribe which refuses to be ruled by a bunch of overprivileged gits in a far away city over the sea. Hmmm, is this a metaphor I see before me?

This would not normally bother me but this film was made with money from the UK Film Council and the National lottery.

So the bastards at the Lottery refused funding for our new village cricket pavilion because there are no ethnics on the team and spent it on this this crap instead. There are fewer than a dozen non-whites in the village and non of them play cricket.

What a shame the UK Film Council is being shut down.

I would rate this film - Utter Shite, avoid at all cost.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll make a point of missing it.