Thursday, September 9, 2010

He's Not a Koran Burner, He's a Very Naughty Boy.

In what has been described variously as a progressive show of support for islam and an act of complete dhimitude all major TV broadcast networks are removing Monty Pythons Flying Circus from their schedules.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Arthur Pewty, Luigi Vercotti and Dindsale Piranha the heads of news media at ABC, CBS and NBC said. "Monty Python has always been popular with large numbers our viewers. Unfortunately one of the Monty Python team has seen fit to enflame muslim sensability by organising Internation Burn the Koran Day. In light of this and in preference to our wonderful muslim viewers all Monty Python programs and films have been removed permanently from our schedules."

Former mother of Brian and Koran burner

I was a bit late to this so someone else has probably done it already, but wattcha gonna do?

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