Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beware of Lying Bastards Bearing Gifts

So the twunt that is Blair has donated money from his book to the Royal British Legion. What I find so difficult to believe is that some normally sensible bloggers and commenters are taking this at face value and crediting him with some genuine empathy.

Jesus H Christ, I take a couple of weeks away from the net and you lot loose your marbles. We are talking about BLIAR here, remember, the worst prime minister ever, well till Brown took over anyway. The man is mentally and physically incapable of doing anything which does not benefit himself. He is a modern career politician, what more do you need to know for god's sake.

To those that say he is doing it to salve his guilty conscience, I say bwahahahahahahahaha, Bliar, conscience, don't be so bloody naive.

Admittedly I haven't worked out what the benefit is yet but you can bet your bollocks there is one and it will reveal itself before too much longer.

I see the spectre of a proper inquiry into the dodgy death of Dr. Kelly approaching.

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  1. Erm, the benefit would be the £1.5 MILLION tax relief on a charitable donation.....