Monday, March 8, 2010

Student Exchange

My daughter went to Germany last month and stayed with a very nice German family on an exchange trip organised by her school. She had a lovely time and hopefully the trip will have helped improved her spoken German. Later this week the German girl my daughter stayed with is coming to spend a week with us. On week days she will go to school with my daughter or on trips arranged by the school. That only leaves me to find things to do over the weekend.

As a widower I can't refer to my wife for suggestions on what are suitable activities to interest a teenage German girl so I have had to come up with some ideas of my own. Anyway I was thinking that in the spirit of fostering understanding between our two countries perhaps giving her an insight into my countries history would be both suitable and interesting.

So I have planned a trip to the Imperial War museum in London on Saturday and then a visit to Duxford on the Sunday. My daughter seems to think these aren't the best venues to visit with a young German. I don't understand her reservations. I have visited both museums on more than one occasion and have always enjoyed the exhibits of tanks, guns and aeroplanes, with which we kicked the crap out of the Hun in the last two wars.

Oh wait a minute......... BUGGER.

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