Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Will The Real Gus Hedges Please Stand Up

Gus Hedges

The Solicitor General, Mr. Edward Garnier was arrested today following allegations that he is not in fact a solicitor or indeed Mr. Edward Garnier.

The Metropolitan “police” pounced following the publication of Mr. Garnier’s photograph in the Daily Mail.

A Met spokesman said “Following a complaint from a member of the public regarding the true identity of Mr. Garnier we have run DNA tests and can now prove conclusively that he is in fact Mr. Gus Hedges, former Chief Executive of Globelink News.

In a statement to the press Sir Roysten Merchant, former owner of Globelink, said “Gus always was an obnoxious little shit. I'm sure he feels very much at home amongst the troughing politicians of Westminster."

Edward Garnier

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