Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cars from Hell go Ting-a-ling-aling

The stunning new Prius unveiled at the 2010 Milan Motor Show (styling by Apple)

What is it with Prius drivers? They seem to get very upset when I point at them and laugh. One took extreme um-bridge when I called him a warmist twit at a filling station last week. I guess it's another case of warmists double standards. It's OK for them to make their warmist statement by buying one of these jokes on wheels but as a denier I do not have the right, in their eyes, to rebut their statement. Well they better get used to it.

Anyway that brings me onto electric cars, not the exiting Scalextric kind but the ridiculous, inefficient toys which the green meanies think we should all drive in future. I saw this on the Sun website. Nevertheless I will choose to believe that it is true for now. Interesting that they refer to these as ring tones. Very appropriate as the battery life of these kiddycars is about the same as that of a mobile phone.

That said, if and when the sad day comes and I am forced, at gun point, to trade in my excellent diesel powered ride for one of these ridiculous mobile batteries I will insist on having separate "ring tones" for town and country driving. When driving in the countryside I would want it to make a noise like a wounded sheep, so that the sound matches the performance. I should be fine providing I stay clear of Wales. When driving in town I want my "ring tone" to be the beep beep beep noise made by pelican crossings to tell blind folk that it is safe to cross the road.

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