Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Idiot Formally Known as..........

Oi!! big ears, you wouldn't know real science from a hole in the ground you over-privileged, plant conversing, homeopathic, granny grabbing chimp.

I know the warmists are pretty desperate for support at the moment but I doubt even they are desperate enough to want you on their side. Then again as most of them have the intellect of a vegetable you'd have lots of new friends to talk to.

Just leave this one alone and go back to touting you overpriced organic Duchy Originals biscuits to the insufferable snobs who buy that crap.

I used to think that your mum was a bit mean not stepping down and letting you have a go a being king. The older you get the more astute her lack of abdication becomes.

If I were you I'd be using some real science to find out if the ginger kid was really mine.

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