Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Party Time

The parasites at the BBC take £145.50 a year from me and millions of other folk. With all that money they produce completely crappy TV and radio and this.

Hung Parliament hangman, hmmmmm, guess it's the best they can hope for with the snot gobbling bigot heading Labour.

Have a look at the Buzzword Bingo, I think there are a few terms missing here, electoral fraud, trougher and misled parliament spring to mind. I notice they include the term "Victim of the Expenses Scandal" referring to the criminal MPs not allowed to strand this time due to their own greed. The victims of the expenses scandal were the tax paying public. An interesting insight into the BBCs mindset perhaps?

Where is the Lord Pearson mask, where is the Nick Griffin mask? Who the hell would want to wear a Gordon Brown mask?

The BBC can hype this non event of an election as much as they want. It doesn't change the fact that the winners will be just another lot of self obsessed troughers and the TAX PAYING public will be the losers.

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