Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Death From a Plug

Two people were killed and twenty five injured in London yesterday. What was first suspected to be a terrorist attack turned out to be the result of a forgetful driver.

Ms. Clarissa Beardy had forgotten to wind in the recharge cable on her new plug in Prius before beginning her journey to work at the Department of Environment and Climate Scammery. As a result the 2 dead people became tangled in the cable and were dragged along the road to their deaths. Most of the injured were hit by the 13amp plug on the end of the cable which bounced about dangerously as the car traveled along busy London streets.

Ms. Beardy was initially arrested by the police but was released without charge when it was realised that she was only trying to save the planet and the 2 dead people were discovered to be climate change skeptics.

A spokesperson for the Met police said, "The important thing is that Ms. Beardy wasn't speeding during the incident and although damaged the 13 amp plug can be replaced."

When questioned by the press about the incident Ms. Beardy said "I was mortified when the police stopped me and I realised what had happened. It was a great relief when I heard the the two dead people were deniers. My conscience is clean just like my driving license"

The relatives of the deceased have been reported to the UN for consideration of prosecuting them for aiding and abetting climate skepticism.

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