Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blind man takes brail bible to Alcatraz then dies

The Book of Eli

I knew NOTHING about this film before sitting down to watch it. The film started off well, post apocalypse landscapes, wanderers wandering, looking to survive. Interesting, let's see where they go with this.

A couple of minutes in it all started to go wrong. First I realised it was Denzel in the lead role, oh dear. The first encounter with other wasteland dwellers and Denzel's super martial arts skills, oh dear, oh dear. After that it was pretty much, ah well, hummmm, errr, ah. Which inevitably lead to a conclusion of "What a load of old crap". Oh and he turns out to be blind which is really silly.

There are a few good bits, seeing Michael Gambon and Frances de la Tour gunned down was nice, pity Dame Judy wasn't there to get it between the eyes too. Also a bit unusual to see the Bible shown in a positive light.

Oh and if I'd "written" the music for this, especially at the beginning of the film I'd be living in dread of a call from Pink Floyd's lawyers.

All in all I would rate this film - Crap.

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