Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Icelandic Gambit

I see the Lib-Dum angst over tuition fees disappeared at voting time. Their high minded principles thrown to the wind in order to maintain their tenuous hold on a little power. Except, of course, the ones like Ming the Clueless, Charley "I'll have a double" Kennedy and Simon "completely irrelevant" Hughes who don't have government jobs.

The one upside in this is that the lib-dums are totally screwed. Until now they have been able to peddle the myth that, should they be given power, they would keep all their promises and be nice to everyone and everyday would be the first day of spring and.......... Nick and his gang flushed that one right down the gurgler this afternoon.

The BBC are upset. They have been running pretty solid anti tuition fee coverage for weeks while completely neglecting to mention that darling Labour originally introduced tuition fees. They also neglect to mention that tuition fees are only necessary because of Labour's stupid 50% must go to uni policies.

A courageous Prime Minister coming to power after 13 years of Labour left wing madness might have been expected to to set about the education system and to have worked to reverse the worst of the damage. Unfortunately we got the lefter than left Dave the Coward eager to build on the taxpayer bashing policies of the previous incumbent.

At home The Boy is on a gap year before taking up his uni place, Monkeygirl is 3 years behind him. So by the time they are both degreed up the family finances will be in a similar state to those of the Irish Republic.

Unlike the Irish, I plan on advising the kids to deploy the Icelandic Gambit. Having run up huge tuition debts simply refuse to pay. If necessary take their talents overseas to somewhere they will be appreciated and where the UK government can't take their tribute straight out of your wages.

Contemplating leaving the UK isn't nearly as hard as it used to be.

P.S. My hat is off to the boy. He got off his backside and actually went on an anti-fees protest last week. He managed not to get arrested, clubbed over the head or whipped into a frenzy by left wing agitators.

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