Saturday, December 11, 2010

Limosine of the Damned

19 Year old student Molly Millard

Concern was growing last night over the well being of the students involved in the attack on Prince Charles' limo during the tuition fee riots earlier this week.

While non of the students actually came into contact with the royal personages it seems the close proximity of the students to the Prince and his ageing consort has caused some serious psychological problems for the students. Since their arrest by police they have received treatment at St Filthy's Hospital for Proles.

Commenting on the behaviour of the students Dr. Sven Smegmaaarsen said "We are very concerned about the symptoms being displayed by the students. Many of the young men have become very bitter and keep asking the nurses if their mothers have died yet. Others do nothing but sit in the hospital gardens talking to the plants. Some wander the grounds criticising the hospital's architecture. The majority of the rest are causing real problems. They are roaming the hospital telling other patients that if the disease they are being treated for doesn't kill them global warming will.

Dr. Smegmaaarsen went on "It's the female students we are most concerned about. Every female student who got anywhere near Camilla's side of the vehicle seems to have aged by about 30 years. We are currently looking at possible treatments but the prognosis for these girls is not good.

A source inside Clarence House has confirmed that the royal couple have suffered no ill effects from the attack. Speaking off the record she said "Both Prince Charles and Lady Camilla do not seem to have been affected by the behavior of these oiks in fact Camilla is looking 30 years younger. It's just like having the old Queen Mum back.

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